Anonymous Complaint

Complaints can be filed against a member and/or broker of PWR by the public or a member. An ethics complaint should be filed when you want to charge a member with a Code of Ethics or MLS Rules violation.

If you want to file a complaint, please complete Disciplinary Complaint Form D-1, identify the Code of Ethics you want to charge and return it to the Association office with a detailed summary of the events that took place (There is no filing fee).


When to File an Anonymous Complaint

If you feel a member has violated the Code of Ethics, MLS Rules or Bylaws, you may file an anonymous complaint and ask the Grievance Committee to be the complainant on your behalf. Your complaint however must meet certain criteria in order for it to be processed. Most anonymous complaints are filed regarding actions that the panelists can “see, touch or feel”. This basically means that the panel must be able to prove the allegations with tangible evidence. An example of an anonymous complaint would be an offending advertising or web page issue.


If you prefer to file an anonymous complaint, please review the attached PDF form below “How to File an Anonymous Complaint” and fill out the accompanying PDF form “Anonymous Complaint Questionnaire Form”, return via e-mail to or fax to (714) 245-5599.



Call the PWR Professional Standards Department at 714.245.5500