Webinar - Reverse Mortgage Educators

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10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Learn how other REALTORS® have been picking up more listings by tapping into the biggest demographic that own the majority of residential real estate - homeowners 65 and above, using our marketing strategies and the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Program.

What you’ll learn and receive:

The Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Program in detail

Why older homeowners are listing & buying

Use Remine (the hottest tool on the market right now) and other free software to locate homeowners that are most likely to list and re-buy

Video tutorial series on Remine and other lead software

Access to our complimentary marketing materials

How your direct competition is finding listings right in your farm

Access to our member only base on our website here

Your older clients can downsize, relocate, and buy a new home that they wouldn't otherwise qualify for - without depleting their savings. If done right, your clients will end up with MORE spendable cash and NO monthly mortgage payments! Best of all, you get two transactions with one client selling and buying.

Cost: FREE for everyone!

For More Information:
E-mail Support or Call 7142455500.