Sign Ordinances - Brea

City of Brea

1 Civic Center Circle
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: 714-990-7600

For Sale Signs:

For Sale signs on residential properties are limited as follows:
  • One sign per property street frontage. Example; If the property backs up to an arterial highway or corner a sign may be placed facing each street frontage.
  • Must be located on the property which is for sale. Limited to 6 square feet in size

Open House and Directional Sign Guidelines:

  • Signs may be no larger than 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall and may include a small rider not exceed the overall maximum height of 3 foot 6 inches. Attached flags may not be taller than 4 feet 6 inches measured to the top of the flag.
  • The open house directional signs are limited to one sign per location per Realtor and under no circumstances may additional signs be placed at the same location.
  • Signs shall be at least one thousand (1,000 feet) apart, except at intersections to indicate a turn.

Sign Placement Guidelines:

  • Prohibited on all median strips, center dividers, roadway islands or safety zones. Sign placement cannot reduce in size, or interfere with, the required disabled access path of travel.
  • May not interfere with or impede pedestrian, bicycle, or vehicular travel.
  • Directional signs shall not be located on any building, fence or wall.
  • Signs shall be allowed from 7am to 7pm.
  • Signs on private property must obtain permission from property owner.


  • Improperly placed open house signs on public property may be removed without warning.
  • Flagrant or repeated violations may result in escalating fines, $100 (1st), $200 (2nd), and $500 for each additional sign found in violation.

Claiming Missing Signs:

  • Open house signs removed by the City will be kept for no more than 30 days. Signs may be claimed by calling the Code Enforcement Officer at: 714-990-7764
  • Citation fines will be charged prior to the return of the signs.
For more information, click here. Chapter 20.28: Signs and Real Estate / Open House Signs