Sign Ordinances - Chino Hills

On May 24, 2018, the City of Chino Hills changed our municipal code and now require a permit (which is free) to be obtained for any signs placed in the city right-of-way in connection with any Single Exhibition Event (open houses, etc). In addition to a permit being required, we require the following:
  • Permit to be attached to each sign
  • A maximum sign area of 4 square feet
  • Signs cannot be any taller than 4 feet tall
  • There are 14 restricted corners that signs cannot be placed within fifty feet of
  • Signs are only allowed to be placed within landscaped planters
  • Signs cannot be placed any closer than 100 feet from any other sign for the same event
  • No more than 15 signs can be placed out on display
  • Signs can only be out on display in the public right-of-way, Friday through Sunday and Observed Memorial Day and observed Veterans Day during the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.
The City of Chino Hills charges $36.00 per sign that is removed for being in violation of any of the requirements listed above. The City has a zero tolerance, and invoices for signs removed on the first incident. Invoices not paid in 30 days will be sent to collections. If signs are not paid for any collected in thirty days, the signs will be disposed of. The permit does take a few days to process so I urge agents to apply for the permit as soon as they know they need a permit. The agent needs to register themselves which is good for one year and then register for the location of the event which is good for 6 months.

Below are the links to register as well as to see all the rules. The link with the rules will have all the restricted corners listed, if the agent clicks on the names they will show a photo of the intersection with a red circle around the restricted areas.

Click here to register (please be sure to register as an agent and your location, this is a two part process)

For more information, click here. Click here for rules and regulations for temporary signs.