Sign Ordinances - Irvine

Sign Type #105 - Temporary Real Estate Signs

Sign Purpose: Temporary wall sign, window sign or ground sign which indentifies a non-apartment residential property available for lease or for sale
Sign use: Only allowed at site during period that property or space is available for lease or for sale
Sign location: On site, outside of sight distance triangle, not obstructing regulatory signs
Maximum number: One sign per residence
Maximum sign size: 4 feet high, 6 square feet
Sign copy: Pertaining only to the sale, rent or lease of the building or property
Maximum character size: 12 Inches
Sign material: Wood or Metal
Sign illumination: None
Permit required? No

Sign Type #106 - Temporary Open House Signs

Sign Purpose: Temporary ground sign which provides information regarding an open house at a residence, not apartments, during period of open house
Sign use: Only allowed between 9:00 AM and dusk
Sign location: In public right-of-way; or on private property with owner's consent. Outside of sight distance triangles. Not obstructing regulatory signs or traffic signal controllers
Maximum number: One sign at residence with open house. One directional sin per open house per change in direction
Maximum sign size: 3 feet high, 3 square feet
Sign copy: 'Open House' or 'Open Homes' and related information. No photographs allowed
Sign illumination: None
Permit required? No
For more information, click here. (Sign Regulations - Zoning Ordinances Chapter 7-3)