Sign Ordinances - La Mirada

Real estate signs.

  1. Real estate signs for sale or lease of property on private property, as set forth below. All such signs shall be set back a minimum of five feet from the public right-of-way and located outside of any required clear vision triangle. Signs shall be non-illuminated or externally illuminated.
  2. For residential property, one on-site sign is permitted with a maximum sign area of six square feet. A maximum of three attached rider signs are permitted on each real estate identifying the agent, special feature, and/or sales status. On weekends and holidays, signs are permitted as needed to direct traffic from major collector and arterial streets to the subject property. One may be placed for each change in direction, to a maximum of five signs, each with a maximum area of six square feet.
  3. For non-residential property, one on-site is permitted per street frontage, each with a maximum area of nine square feet.
For more information, click here. (Sign Regulation – Chapter 21.76)