Sign Ordinances - Los Alamitos

Exempt Signs:

  1. Real estate for sale, lease, rental or open house signs, provided that:
    1. Signs are posted on the subject private property only.
    2. Signs shall not be permanent in nature and shall only be allowed for the time the subject property or structure is available for sale, resale, lease, or rent
  2. Signs on a Public Property or Right-of-Way. Signs on a public property or right-of-way (street, median island, parkway, sidewalks, traffic control sign posts, utility poles, trees) are prohibited. Signs are prohibited on an utility pole, traffic sign post, traffic signal or other official traffic control device, in compliance with Section 21465 of the California Vehicle Code. Projecting signs shall not extend over or into a public right-of-way, except for temporary signs announcing civic and charitable activities sponsored by civic or charitable organizations from within the city, subject to approval by the director. Persons, except a public officer in performance of public duty, shall not affix a sign on public property or within the public right-of-way. Real estate 'Open House' signs shall be allowed within the public parkway, but only in compliance with Section 17.28.050(E) (Exempt signs).
For more information, click here. (Sign Regulations - Chapter 17.28.050)