Sign Ordinances - Santa Fe Springs


  1. To insure compliance with the regulations contained in this chapter, a sign permit shall be required in order to erect, repair, alter, relocate or maintain any sign, outdoor advertising or advertising structure except as provided in this subchapter. Application for said permit shall be on a form provided by the city and shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set by City Council resolution. A tag issued by the city indicating the sign permit number must be affixed to the sign so as to be readily visible to the Building Inspector.('64 Code, ยง 55.03)(Am. Ord. 716, passed 7-23-87)

  2. The following signs, outdoor advertising and advertising structures shall be exempt from the required permit set forth in this subchapter:
    1. (1) Signs, outdoor advertising and advertising structures regulated by the Building Code and for which a valid building permit has been issued.
    2. (2) Temporary architects or builder's signs.
    3. (3) Signs pertaining to the sale, lease or rental of any structure or site when the sign is located on said site.
    4. (4) Direction signs in connection with off-street parking and loading facilities.
    5. (5) Signs of less than four square feet in area.
For more information, click here. (Sign Regulations - Section 155.312)