Sign Ordinances - Villa Park

Sec. 23-16.7. Temporary Signs

Temporary signs mean a sign erected for a temporary purpose attracting attention to an activity as provided for within this chapter and includes any political sign.
  1. Temporary signs are subject to the following criteria:

    1. Illumination. Temporary signs shall be non-illuminated, either internally or externally.

    2. Size. Temporary signs shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in total area for one (1) side. No sign shall exceed six (6) feet in total height from the finished or natural grade where the sign is placed in a front yard setback and ten (10) feet in total height in a rear or side yard setback. (exhibit 23-16.7 (a)(2)) Real estate signs shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area.

    3. Placement. No person shall affix a temporary sign on any traffic signal, utility pole or box, traffic control device, or public tree. Furthermore, temporary signs shall not be located within, median, public property or within a public park area. Public right-of-way within residential districts is the first seven (7) feet behind the curb line and temporary signs are allowed within this area. (exhibit 23-16.7 (a)(3)) Real estate signs shall be limited to one (1) per building site.

    4. Permission for Placement. Vacant private property shall require written permission of the property owner prior to the placement of any sign. Property that is occupied shall only require verbal permission from an adult resident of the property over the age of eighteen (18) years. Permission is required for placing signs within the defined public right-of-way of private properties. Commercial property in which a sign is placed within a store front window shall require permission of the lease holder; signs attached to the ground or to the building require building owner permission. Temporary, non-political signs over 6 square feet within the residential zone are not allowed.

    5. Visibility Obstructions. Temporary signs shall not be installed or maintained in any manner so as to impede vehicles or the vision of drivers and pedestrians, or permitted parking adjacent to curb, pedestrian walkways, hinder disabled access, or constitute a hazard to or endanger persons using the sidewalks or recreation trails.

    6. Liability. Any person, party or group posting such temporary signs shall be liable to the City of Villa Park, private property owners and the general public for any injury to persons or property resulting from the placement and maintenance of the sign.

    7. Timeline. All temporary signs pertaining to a particular event or election day shall not be erected more than forty-five (45) calendar days prior to the event to which the sign pertains and shall be removed within five (5) calendar days after the date of the event or election day.

    8. Abatement. If the City Manager or any designated representative finds that any temporary sign has been posted or is being maintained in violation of the provisions of this section, the responsible party shall be given notice to remove said sign(s) within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of said notice. The notice, which may be either a verbal notification or a written notice, shall include a brief statement of the reasons for requiring removal. If the person so notified fails to correct the violation or remove the sign(s), the City may cause said sign(s) to be removed without further notice. If the responsible party for the sign cannot in good faith be located within a reasonable time, the sign shall be deemed abandoned. Signs located in the public right-of-way or on public property may be removed by the City without notice.

    9. Abandonment. Any temporary sign that remains posted for more than six (6) calendar days after the event or election to which it pertains shall also be deemed abandoned. The City Manager or any assigned designee may cause such abandoned signs, and any signs which constitute an immediate peril to persons or property, to be removed summarily and without prior notice. The City shall assess a charge against any person, candidate, entity, party or group posting or placing signs in violation of this section for all costs incurred in the removal.

    10. Theft. It shall be considered "theft" to remove a temporary sign by anyone other than a City official in the act of abatement due to violation of this Section. Private property owners may remove signage from their property or the defined public right-of-way maintained by the owner at any time. Those who otherwise remove a legally placed temporary sign without permission from the person or organization that placed the sign shall be in violation of criminal codes associated with theft and/or trespass.

    11. Sign Identification. For temporary signs that are political, the candidate, committee, or any other authorized person posting temporary signs shall insure that all signs include the name and address or the required committee identification number of the campaign or political organization that paid for the sign ("identification requirements"). Temporary signs of a commercial nature require a contact phone number and address. The identification requirements shall be permanently affixed to the sign in a manner that allows the City Manager or any designated representative, to ensure that the identification requirements will remain affixed to the sign during the duration of the campaign or event.

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